The Town of howard

Steuben County, NY

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In the 1970's the thoughts and ideas of how to celebrate the 1976 Bicentennial of the United States of America was the talk of the town.  The Historian of Steuben County, Charles Oliver, asked the Historians of each town to read and record all the stones and markers in all of the cemetaries in their township.  Mildred Lyke was Historian of Howard then.  She asked interested ladies along with their husbands to help read the 17 Howard cemetaries.  From this group the idea of a Historical Society was born.  Their goal was to gather and preserve the history of our town.  "The Town of Howard Sketch Book" was compiled and printed for the 1976 celebration.


The Town Board provided the "Old Cheese Factory" building to the society for a museum.  The society ladies started a quilting group to make quilts to raffle for monies to fix and improve the museum.  This was also the beginning of the annual "Old Home Days."  The "Howard Historical Society" celebrated the Town of Howard's 2012 Bicentennial by updating and adding more town history, pictures and reprinting the "Sketch Book.".


The "Howard Historical Society" museum is open Sundays in the summer and hold their meetings on the 4th Tuesday of each month.